The History of the Most Popular Casino Games

Slot machines, poker, andblackjack belong to popular games both online and in gaming houses worldwide. But how did they appear? Here is our short investigation through time and space.

The Birth of Slot Machines 

The first slot machine, Liberty Bell, appeared in 1887 and used symbols of fruits, cards (spades, diamonds, hearts), horseshoes, diamonds, and Liberty Bell. The ability to pay out real money, for which only three Liberty Bells had to pop up, was its peculiarity. Up to the 1960s, different modifications of Liberty Bell were operated mechanically via a long lever, giving players the wrong feeling of being in control of the game. The name “one-armed bandit” came from that time. The first video slots appeared in the 1970s, and WMS Industries Inc. presented its modification of video slot games in 1996. In the mid-90s, the first virtual gambling services came to the scene. Classic casino games like poker and blackjack and also slot games like star raiders slot game were among the first amusements they offered. 

Nas, Poque, Pochen — Poker 

Poker was created by mixing various card games from Asia and Europe. The first settlers brought them to the New World. Three ancient games (As Nas, Poque, and Pochen) from Asia had a particularly strong influence on the development of poker. And New Orleans became the birthplace of American poker around 1805. The game can be traced back to the era of the riverboats. At first, poker was played in with a 20-card pack. By mixing with European card games, it slowly evolved into the poker we know today. 

21 or Blackjack

The origin of the game is unclear. According to one theory, it was invented by the Romans and was played with pieces of wood that had different values. Some believe it originated in France around 1700 and evolved from the French game Chemin de Fer. Later, it was renamed Vingt-et-Un, French for twenty-one, and arrived into the Land of Liberty with French emigrants around the 19th century. There, it became popular under the name of 21. Its rules were different back then. For example, only a croupier was allowed to double. The first legal gaming houses of the 20th century in the US offered special bets for the game 21. Players who won a hand (round) with a jack of spades or a jack of clubs and an ace of spades were paid 10:1. This led to the name blackjack.  In the 21st century, technological development has also affected casino games, and you can find out more on that by clicking

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